WOBUK is an UK Women’s Active wear and Gym Wear brand, established in Scotland, UK.

Our Aim: 

Our aim has always been and always will be to cater to women who love working out and who want to look good doing it in awesome gym wear.


Because when you look good, you feel good and you are ready to take on a workout and smash your goals.  Every. Single. Time!!!

What’s WOBUK stand for?:

We wanted to create gorgeous gym wear for women who love working out, whether be in at home or at the gym. Or as we like to call them – Workout Bunnies.  We liked the name so much but thought it was a big too long. So Workout Bunnies was shortened to WOBU.  Add the fact that we are a UK company and the WOBUK just made sense.  So here’s to all you lovely Workout Bunnies out there.

Our Offerings:

Whether you are looking for women’s gym wear for running, yoga or in the gym, we have something to offer you.  From butt sculpting leggings to sexy crops tops, from shorts to sports bras, we have what you are looking for.

Fashion, Style, Comfort, Value! 

Have fun working out.  Remember, Healthy is an Attitude!!!!

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